Triple A Cattle Company

 Local Limousin Beef
Family owned and operated in Snohomish County, we raise 
Limousin beef.  We enjoy providing locker beef to the local public, soon to be USDA certified and you will see us at the local farmers markets the spring and summer of 2016. 
From our farm to your table
We offer an exceptional product, our beef is humanely raised with exceptional care.  Our cow/calf herds are turned out every spring to local pastures in the Stilliguamish valley  where they get bred and raise their calves until October or November. After that they are brought back to our home to be kept under the shelter of our barns with dry pastures for turn out.  The calves are weaned in the fall.  Come January February, the cows start giving birth to the new offspring and the process starts all over. 
Locker Beef Available 
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We offer All Natural grain finished Locker beef year round.  You custom select your cuts.  A quarter beef is the minimum order cut and wrap price is included in $3.89 Hanging weight. 
We try to keep an update every couple of weeks or so about our activities around the farm by posting new pictures of our herd and what it takes to keep them going.
We do also have Pork available certain times of the year.  They are born and raised on the farm and fed a healthy diet with fresh water at all times with free ranging available in the fields near the cattle.   Ask us about our pork and we can let you know when its available.